Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we are often asked. If you have additional questions not answered here please feel free to contact us at

Why did I receive this invitation?

Either the host or another area business owner suggested we invite you.  Our group is open to owners and their top execs in the Bel Air, Maryland area.

Who can join BelAirLinked?

If you are a business owner or top exec, and your business is located in the Bel Air, Maryland area, this exclusive members only business network is for you. If you are interested in membership, and have not already received your invitation, please contact us at

Is there any membership fee?

We do not have a membership fee.  However, some events may require a small fee to cover special speakers or events.  If there is a fee, we will be sure to let you know when the event is announced.

What can I expect from BelAirLinked?

Like most everything in life, you get back in the coin you pay!  We hope that you will use the meeting formats to meet new business owners and their top execs and find ways to enhance one-another's businesses.  As we protect the design of the group and keep the groups exclusive to business owners and their top execs, we think you will find this to be a unique group where you will find and enjoy the kind of relationships you have been looking for.

Can I sponsor an event?

Yes. By sponsoring an event, we will make sure you and your business is announced and you have time to give a short description of the services you provide.  For more information, please contact the host at